Our Story

let me tell you ours.

Hello to all and thank you for taking your time to hear a bit about us!
We are Jessica and Jonah! Self-taught photography extraordinaires, outdoor & wild life enthusiasts, thrill-seeking adventurers, and proud cat-parents!
We are two lovers looking to make a valued changes to the world and lives of billions.

Our passion for photography came individually so that we may capture the "once in a lifetime moments" and relive them forever!

Our Mission: Making the impossible POSSIBLE! We want to fulfill your vision and your wildest dreams for one of the greatest days of your life...

More About Us

Monterey, California

We traveled to Monterey, California in January (2022) for a trip with family. There we explored the ocean and watched the waves crash at night, visited the local aquarium (and we are happy to talk about all the jellyfish there), and dined at the best breakfast diner we have ever been to.

JAnuary 8, 2022

San Francisco


We decided to take friend to San Francisco for the sole purpose of expanding on our creativity with photography. We explored the streets, visited the Golden Gate for some of our favorite portraits, and spent the night at a dock where we honed our skills at astral photography.

September, 2021