When photographing a wedding, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind. A wedding day is filled with planned moments and spontaneity. The story you want to tell will incorporate the spontaneous with the planned as well as tell the story of the day; the atmosphere of intimacy, tenderness, and love at the wedding and with the couple.

Memorizing a few of these poses might help you on your next wedding day.

First Look or First Touch

The First Look is when the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time with the makeup, dress, suit, and tie. It's a very significant and powerful moment between the couple, which is why many couples have opted to have a private and intimate First Look. Typically, this is only the Bride, Groom, and photographers present. If couples are more traditional and would prefer to save their First Look for the aisle, there is also an option to do a First Touch. This allows for the same thing. However, the Bride and Groom can still maintain the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time while calming the nerves and angst by being beside one another and touching their favorite person.


If your couple is feeling shy or nervous, a stroll is an excellent idea for a wedding pose. Your couple can start walking with one another, then add the wedding party if they like. They can also start with their backs facing away from you and get photos from behind. The couple can then turn and look at each other, or they can look at the camera or alternate looking at the camera or each other. This pose opens the door to SO MANY different poses and fun with your couple.

A Kiss From Behind

While your couple is walking, have the Groom hug his Bride from behind and kiss her on the cheek, a partial turn for a kiss on the lips or a kiss on the shoulder. This also leads into one of my favorite poses: when the groom draws a shape onto his partner's cheek with his nose.

Head Resting on Shoulder

This pose only looks when considering height but it is one of the most intimate and cinematic poses that I adore. Have the Bride rest her head on the shoulder of the Groom. Then, she can place the bouquet into the hand not facing the camera and place it on the side of the Groom's neck/head area.

Kissing the Hand

Kissing the hand, chivalrous and romantic as ever! This pose can essentially happen during any of the other poses. Its super simple so no need to go into crazy detail.

Forehead Smooches

Have your couple embrace one another, stand angled towards the camera, or be in a sitting position when the connection between the couple is already made. Then, layer on the forehead kisses. I love a chin grab with this photo too!

Forehead to Forehead

Forehead to forehead can be posed whether your couple is sitting or standing! While it can be cute to have one person keep their eyes open, I prefer to have the couple close their eyes. You can also have the couple wrap their arms around the others shoulders, neck, or hip.

Back to Back

One of my favorite modelesque poses is back to back poses. When the bride and groom are back to back, they can hold hands or lean into each other. They can look in the opposite direction or look towards the camera, look into the distance! There are plenty of variations.

First Dance/ Twirl Together

The first dance with a couple is ALWAYS significant and important on the wedding day. During this moment, you can get the love, care, and fun of the day all in one. You can also have the couple do twirls during the Bride and Groom portraits.

Toothy Kiss (Smiley kiss)

The toothy kiss is not only a good way for your couple to crack a smile at each other but it also helps break the ice of being behind the camera. You can always get some good photos with genuine smiles in between the toothy grins and smiley kiss.

Moving In for a Kiss

Do you remember the movie scenes where the couple is moving in for a kiss and they stare intently into each others eyes before they kiss? That tension is what we are going for in our photos! We want the tension, the intimacy, the anticipation of the "before kiss."

Eye to Eye

Whether this be embracing, touching each other, or holding hands, this pose is a great idea for couples. It typically will cause the couple to start laughing and make for great wedding portraits.

Groom Carrying the Bride

This one does require a little strength but carrying the bride over the threshold or just in the arms of the groom are super cute and romantic photos! You can also have the bride kiss the groom on the ear, on the cheek, or the forehead

Do the Dip!

The dip is one of the more iconic wedding poses and its a great idea to practice during your engagement photoshoot or just around the house. You want this moment to be natural, candid, and effortless. Let your smiles fly and just enjoy the moment and the kiss.

Bride and Groom Sitting Together

Sitting poses are some of my absolute favorite poses. They are some of the most intimate moments captured in photos. After standing throughout the day with a heavy dress, you can save this pose for the end of the day so that the couple can take time to cherish this moment in their life.

Bride Looking Down

Throughout the wedding day, there will be plenty of candid and natural moments to capture. One of those moments is when the bride checks her shoes or jewelry. These photos will produce a very natural style and help set the day's tone and story.

Couple Lying Down

Photos of couples lying down and snuggling are cute ways to get the couple giggling and smiling. The location can vary from being at home, on the couch or the bed, or in a gorgeous outdoor field. The latter is actually my favorite.

A Million Shoulder Kisses

Sticking with movement and natural poses, this pose is great for getting the couple in their element and producing a genuine smile. If you have the groom give a million lightning kisses on the bride's shoulder, you are sure to get laughter and the magic between the two.

Photo From Behind Couple

A photo of the couple from behind typically works the best when doing the "walking" or "one leading the other" poses. These will set up capturing the couple's outfits, leaving the venue, or leaving the wedding ceremony.

Groom Getting His Tie On

The guys do not get enough love in making them look dapper and classy on the day of their wedding. One simple and easy pose for any man to be looking his best is getting his tie on, whether it be tied by himself, or by his dad or the best man.

Ring Shots

Detail shots of the rings are essential in both engagement shoots and on the wedding day. These typically have a shallow depth of field and only the rings in focus. You can also experiment and have some fun. One pose I like is having the couple embrace each other and have the bride grab the groom's arm with her ringed hand. Then you can include the rings, and a subtle look at both the bride and groom.