Stunning Wedding Detail Shot Checklist:

Curating and styling your flatlay is part of our service to you! Detail shots showcase the aesthetics, color, and art that went together in planning your wedding. To make sure that you get the most stunning photos for your detail shots, I put together a little checklist with examples and tips!

What To Expect Of Your Detail Shots

Your wedding detail shots will be dependent off of your wedding and your style but some things to expect are

  • styled and stunning images with your invitation suites and wedding rings
  • photos of your wedding dress hung with a decorated hanger in your bridal suite
  • wedding rings in a ring box
  • the bride's jewelry decorated with florals and other mementos
  • the groom's accessories, cologne, tie, shoes, with an invitation suite or a handwritten note

Set Aside Your Details

A few days or the night before your wedding, set aside your detail shots for your photographer. This will make it easy for your photographer to capture everything perfectly while you and your bridesmaids are getting ready!

Here is what I typically ask my couples to set aside for their detail shots.

  • Dress and veil
  • All three rings
  • Invitation suite (2 copies)
  • Shoes (for the Groom too)
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Bouquet or loose floral
  • Vow books
  • Any extra ribbons
  • Any items of significance (love notes to each other, grandma's pearls, gifts from your fiancé)
  • Guests welcome bags or favors
  • Personal family heirlooms
  • Ring boxes

In addition to your travel suitcase, you'll need to pack these details with you to capture beautiful photos like the ones above!

Have Your Photographer Take Your Detail Photos First

Allowing your photographer to take the time to style your details properly will save time and allow the photographer to focus on you for the rest of the day! When you get your wedding album, these will be the first photos you see. Your photographer will need a reasonable amount of time and thought to ensure these are impeccable photos.