Even though we live in a digital age where we live by documenting our memories through our smartphones and technology, there is something special about having tangible photos and photo books. I'm not sure about you, but I love finding old photobooks with awkward moments growing up or seeing my grandparents when they were kids. All the funny, memorable, and embarrassing photos are between your two hands, staring back at you.

Five Reasons Why You Want a Wedding Album

Documenting Your Wedding

There is nothing like looking at your photos, sitting next to your spouse with a coffee in hand, and pointing at all your favorites rather than being behind a computer screen. You can crack out your wedding album and reminisce about your wedding day without needing to bring out your laptop whenever you want to look at your photos.

Timeless Family Heirlooms

Digital photos can be easily lost with a corrupted USB or a failed storage in your computer, but tangible albums are hard to lose and, in this way, can be passed on for generations to come. These albums can potentially outlive you and be something that your great grandkids could be holding.

Quality and Convenience

With digital photos, it can be difficult to make your own album afterwards just with the business of life. Organizing hundreds to thousands of photos when youre in the process of owning your own home and starting your own family, it can be years until you have the time to sit down and make an album.

That is why we recommend utilizing the professional help of your photographer so that they can make an artistic approaches to the final touches of your special day

Customizable and Personalized to You!

Wedding albums are personalized to you, and there are no two wedding albums that are alike! It can be structured based on your style and your preferences. You can choose from the cover material to the color, texture, and how thick the paper. Typically, we'll talk about all the photos you want to use and recommend a layout with fewer photos on each page to make each photo timeless and memorable.

Telling the Story of Your Wedding

When you have over 1000+ photos from your wedding, it can jump around from all the parts of your magical day. A wedding album shows a concise storyline from start to finish, with none of the stress of organizing it yourself.